My strategy and other things

Hi. I am Boris Reitak Sedlár and if you are here you have probably heard of me. I want to share some things with you.
Sometimes I like to start with a deposit of a small amount like 200-2000. I want to emphasize SMALL. Do not risk money you cannot afford to lose. I start risking my deposit by allowing EA to trade with full margin. It starts with maximum position size available and, if it goes right, it is generating profit as well as new free margin which is again added to the trade. However, if price pulls back I do get margin calls often. The EA will close the last small positions in negative while keeping the first big trade open. It can even happen like this:
You need to have good ECN broker to work like this. The small deposit turns into a big one or it gets busted. So, once again, it is very risky. Your account can get busted 10 times in a row, but once it gets to TP it can cover all those 10 busted deposits. Don't risk all of your money at once - split it into 5-10 deposits you can afford to lose. The key to success is waiting for the right spot to enter trades.

Another good thing I like about this EA is when I know the price is going to move and I must go out with my family for dinner I turn the EA on. Then, when the wife isn't looking, I can sneak into my phone and check how it's going. I'm confident that everything is going to be OK because the EA has a few stops: trailing stop, regular stop line and will even stop trading when it reaches around 15 negative positions (it opens a lot of positions) on pull back. I'm very happy to find a picture like this:Once the account gets big I withdraw it and start it over with a small amount again or I keep it big but trade normally with low risk, it depends on my mood.

It is for manual trading. You chose when to go short or long. If your decision was right the panel will start add more volume to your position. It is multiplying your risk and profit!!!
Trade care!
It maximizes profit

If your position is correct it will add more volume to the position. Just like if you are on the highway you want to push the acceleration. At the TP point your account can be supersized. (High risk is involved!)

It saves your time

Just press the button and let it run. You don't need to sit by your computer clicking to add more "lots" to the positions, the EA will do it for you.

It is customizable

Don't want to risk a lot? No problem. Just change a few settings and it won't risk the entire balance.

It is a forex simulator too

Have you ever thought about how long it will take to be a confidence trader? Real time trading takes too long? You can use this EA as a forex simulator. You will be able to make hundreds of trades a day. You can get experience sooner.

TO DO list

Set pending start

To let you spend less time on computer it would great to set a pending start.

For break outs or if you think price will touch some level and reverse to start panel ALL IN mode in one or another  direction.

Add manual trading mode

Some times you trade normal, some times go ALL IN. Lets split panel into two trading modes.

Provide a signal

Not sure if Boris Reitak will accept it. But it would be great to provide a signal on his www what position Boris Reitak is on as many people asking for it. Or even to go more far provide a signal to panel to copy trades. (this option in programmer's sight)

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