Waiting kills. Just turn music on and lets go. simple? nah.. expensive lottery ticket? try to win like 5 times in a row. It is just scalping with over trading?.. yes and no.. mostly yes.  What panel does is when your are in right direction it keeps adding your floating profit. That way profit just flies in geometrical progression. Loses also. It is like walking on the edge. Trying to survive in margin.  but.. if you are good scalper why not?  Are you good news trader? Just go on. your 2k can turn in to 90k. I’ve been there. Happy video watching.  record was done in real time(incl music). Nothing skipped. If you want to watch just result check beginning and the end of the video.  I use music for meditation. Happy listening.

Remember you are risking your capital.

But if you are interested you can rent this tool here.

You will get “asia sesions and week days +4x EMAs” indicator free as a bonus.