1.16 – (2020-03-26)

  • added margin % to keep. it is for safety of margin calls.

1.15 – (2019-06-02)

  • experimental version. never released official.

1.14a – (2018-12-02)

  • made design more adopted  for small screens. it is more  horizontal now. Added a small scale button (100%,80%,60%). so will be better for small and big screens. .
  • Added big gap, unusual spike, big  sever/mt4 lag protection. (we will see how it performs)
  • removed bug when changing TF license error appears.
  • removed some more smaller bugs.

1.13 – (2018-11-25)

  • removed some EA option to make your brains less overload 😀
  • added option for screen fonts adjustments (for system font size 100%, 125%,  150%) to avoid overlapping problem.
  • added pending start at some price.
  • made “Margin to start with on this symbol: ” and “Minimum lots to be put on every free margin:” automatic  – easier to start.
  • added auto information system about new versions.


1.12 – first so so version for release