Reitak’s ALL IN panel for MT4 ( 1 week subscription )


It is a tool to make your account burned!!!

“When I see a good spot to enter I sometimes use this tool specially coded to fit my aggressive style to get maximum from the market.” – Boris Reitak Sedlár

This Expert Advisor is a trading panel.
It is made to fit Boris Reitak’s Sedlar trading style.

You must be already at consistent trading level to be able to use it profitable as it is increasing the risk sightly!!! And the price is reasonable as we don’t want you let lose money you cant afford!

For charts and signals check Facebook group “Reitak’s Private Forex & Options Traders Group“.

You must understand trading is involving high risk. And you should trade the money you can afford to lose.

It is using pyramiding method. Trades are stacking to maximize the profit. But be prepared to blow your account 10 times. Split your money into 10 balances. Catch one really BIG BIG rally. It will cover everything!!!. That is the tactic. You press the button and let it go.

You can minimize your risk by limiting panel margin to be allowed to use.

Before you press "Add to cart" !!!

Make sure and double check Your brokers account name.

You must enter it before “Add to cart” action.



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