1. You don’t need to create an account on this page before purchase. It will bee created automatically on purchase. Details will be sent to your email.
  2. Before adding this EA to your cart you must know your brokers account name (not the login in numbers). To check it launch your MT4 terminal and check “Navigator” window.
  3. Navigate to products page and scroll down that bla bla description 🙂 and enter Your brokers account name just before “Add to cart” button.
  4. It is added to the cart. Click on int.
  5. Straight forward press “Proceed to checkout”. Don’t change quantity as it only change the price 🙂
  6. Next fill your name, last name and email. Press “Proceed to PayPal”
  7. Do your PayPal things. Press return to merchant. You will see “Thank you” message. That is it. You have finished the buy procedure. A new account has been created. Details are sent to your email. Don’t forget to check spam folder. Download link is sent to your email or you can find it in “my account” section.